Our Originals

Imagine how you’d make your own dressings, from scratch. You’d use the finest ingredients, mixing unique combinations and seasoning them until they tasted “just right” – just the way you and your family expect them to taste.

Now, keep imagining this, just on a larger scale. That’s the approach we take for Naturally Fresh® products. If you were to take a tour of our facility, you’d see a constant influx of ingredients, on their way to being blended artfully and expertly seasoned into one of our delicious products. Fine ingredients in the front door; Naturally Fresh® products out the back!


Our own buttermilk

The quality of our products is in the details. We select our ingredients carefully, right down to our own buttermilk, which we use in our creamy Ranch and Bleu Cheese dressings and several of our dips. We make it ourselves with fresh milk, so there are fewer steps from the dairy to your table.