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  • Dressings

    Bay Valley Foods is known best for the Naturally Fresh® brand of delicious refrigerated salad dressings. Naturally Fresh® products are widely popular with consumers, so when you serve it, you can be 100% confident your customers will enjoy it.
    Our wide variety of dressings includes everything from classics like robust, creamy Caesar and lightly sweet Thousand Island to specialties such as Wine & Cheese made with port wine and cheddar and Creamy Cilantro with a hint of red pepper.

  • Dips

    There’s no better companion to fresh fruit, vegetables and seafood than Naturally Fresh® dips from Bay Valley Foods. We take pride in what goes into our products, and your customers will taste the difference – whether they’re finishing a memorable meal with our rich, indulgent chocolate sauce, or starting one with a zingy cocktail sauce or salsa.

  • Sauces & Marinades

    Our versatile line of sauces and marinades includes multiple flavors of barbeque sauce, hot sauce, garlicky dipping sauce, ginger-infused teriyaki, lively salsas and much more. They’re ideal for adding bold taste to a range of dishes, from starters to main courses, basics to gourmet. And, they’re available in a range of sizes, from single-serve for airlines and takeout to bulk.

  • Specialty Items

    Bay Valley Foods meets the needs of the food service industry with a wide variety of specialty items to round out your offerings. These run the gamut from flavorful quiche mix and cooking oils to a complete range of condiments crafted to bring out the best in your cuisine.

Bay Valley Foods is at your service from coast to coast. We partner with a large number of distributors, and also operate company-owned distribution centers.View map


For information on how to purchase Bay Valley Foods products, call 1-800-765-1950. We look forward to serving you